Top 5 KRNL Alternatives You Must Try!

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For those who have tried the KRNL exploit for script execution, you can also consider the below alternatives offering some of the best features.


The first KRNL alternative on our list is a Lua script executor called JJSploit. Initially, JJSploit was a simple cheat program. However, it has now become a crash-free exploit that is a user-friendly interface and does not crash easily. You can use the JJSploit script executor on different devices, and it can be easily used by all and uses WeAreDevs API.


Since JJSploit functions on Lua only, it has to be kept up-to-date with the latest Roblox version, which causes it to crash sometimes. However, JJSploit is a practical script executor and is safe to use.

Coco Z

Next one up is Coco Z exploit, which offers excellent execution along with attractive designs and several exciting features. As one of the most secure platforms for Roblox, Coco Z is a reliable option for many gamers. This Roblox exploit is lightweight and does not cause an overheating problem on your PC. Coco Z is compatible with all Windows OS versions and is easily accessible to most developers and gamers.

Coco Z

Coco Z stays hidden from all anti-cheating software, making it a safe platform for gamers. Its teleport feature allows you to move anywhere on the map and is helpful in hunting games in Roblox.

ESP Aimbot

Another one on the list of alternatives is ESP Aimbot, which saves your player from potentially stronger enemies. The feature can make the player immobile, allowing you to kill them or continue ahead. ESP Aimbot also offers unlimited jumps and lets you set your player’s speed. 

ESP Aimbot

Gravity Switch

Gravity Switch is a multi-player exploit tool that lets you inject scripts into the game. You can then play as different users on the same game simultaneously. For an enhanced gaming experience, you get power-ups in the gameplay.

Oxygen U

Last on our list is Oxygen U. A free exploit, Oxygen U is free of cost and has efficient performance compared to other Roblox executors. The software has a simple interface and is considered an effective functioning exploit with several customized features that allow users with a highly compatible script.

Oxygen U is also known for its premium quality performance and is a safe tool with technical support available on its website.



We hope you would try the above mentioned Krnl alternatives and would let us know your experience, if you come across any bug or faces any problem executing these alternatives do let us know about it in the comments section, we would love to assist you.

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